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Men fear a strong woman This strong woman has an axe Girl with Axe The explosive new fantasy series by Max Straker Introduction and brief synopsis Girl with Axe tells the story of Antara Saga, a feisty Viking misfit who steals an axe and becomes a warrior, before losing those she loves in a terrible war. Antara is a wayward baron’s daughter who passes her days leading the village boys in mischief, and her nights dreaming of her handsome boyfriend Karador. Some love her and some hate her, though nobody hates her quite like her vicious older brother Lothar Saga. Unfortunately Lothar is also the heir to Saga Barony and the commander of a thousand soldiers, leaving Antara in a very dangerous predicament as their father departs for a faraway war. Through a Machiavellian plot, Antara forces her father to let her march with him to war. But then her dearest friend’s horrific death turns her heart cold and makes her feel like she has nothing left to lose. She becomes an infamous warrior, earning the name “Slayer” as she fights along the deep dark tunnels and through the rambling labyrinths, wearing over her face a crying harlequin mask, and treading a very fine line between right and wrong, morality and madness. Girl with Axe is the explosive new fantasy series by Max Straker. Publication details will be announced as soon as they are available, but don’t wait till then! Click here to start reading Girl with Axe....